Drillthrough Reports: Easy

As the merger of Woodgrove Bank & Finance with Contoso Bank continues (much like the first eukaryotic cell swallowing up a bacteria that ended up being useful and then mandatory), there is a Realignment underway.  All of the database people in the combined company have come together as the Data tribe (with Prod DBA and SQL Dev sub-clans).  It is an extraordinarily exciting and busy time.  Prior to the Realignment, standards were sometimes loose and sometimes….  Now we are discussing new standards for new work (code that comes down to us from the Before Time will not be touched unless there is a compelling reason to do so).  It is always interesting to see how other people have attempted to solve similar issues to ones that you have faced; there is a lot of healthy learning and teaching on both sides.

In one such case, the discussion was about how best to do drillthrough reports.  In most cases, there is an easy way to do this that allows you to set a field in a parent SSRS report as a clickable link to a child SSRS report.  Here is a picture that shows how you would set it up.  In the Order Overview report, you take the properties of the text box that holds OrderID and point it to the Order Detail report.  In this case, the OrderID is used as an input parameter for the child report, but that is configurable.


And remember, Data wants to be free (and it wouldn’t mind a Reuben sandwich, if you’re offering).  It’s good to want things, but it’s not always good to get them.  Just be careful out there.